Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Free to Sign Up as Seller?


To become a Seller, you can sign up here and choose "I am a vendor" at the Register form and select ePasar Free plan which you can add up to 30 products.

What's the benefits for signing up ePasar Business plan?

If you are interested to support and join our mission, you can do so by joining as ePasar Business seller, it is RM1/day.

The benefits:
1. You can add unlimited products.
2. To be our Featured Shop for 2 months.
3. More premium features for ePasar Business Seller (coming soon).

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What Should I Do Before Start Selling Online?

There are 3 steps to be completed after sign up:

Step 1:
After registered, do go through the Store Setup Wizard, fill in your Bank Details and complete your profile after you log in to the Seller Dashboard.

Step 2:
At the Seller Dashboard, go to Settings, and make sure you have updated all the settings (Store, Payment, Shipping, Social Profile and Store SEO).

Step 3:
Finally, you can add your products at Seller Dashboard > Products

Hope you enjoy selling through which can save your time and money.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

There are 3 Shipping methods available:
1. Standard Delivery
2. Free Delivery
3. Self Pickup

You can define own shipping methods, either three above, but need at least 1 shipping method defined at Seller Dashboard > Settings > Shipping.

How Did Customers Know The Order Items Have Been Shipped?

Once the seller has shipped the order, he/she need to update the order status to Shipped.

How Do Seller Sends Shipping Tracking Number to Customer?

Under "Seller Dashboard" > "Orders" > "View Order" page, right sidebar bottom part under Order Notes section, you may click "Tracking Number" and send to customer.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Currently only supported "Direct Bank Transfer". So when a customer placed a new order, the Thank You page and "View Order" page will show the bank details of each seller.

Is Buying Online Safe? is a platform to match between the demand and supply. Be a smart customer, while doing the bank transfer, please make sure the name of the account number is the same with seller bank details shown at the order page before doing so.


How Do I Place an Order?

You can click "Add to Cart" for all the items that you are interested to buy from one or more sellers' shops. When you are decided to place the order, just click View Cart or cart icon at top right corner.

How Can I View All My Orders?

You can access all your orders through:
1. Top right user icon drop-down > Orders History
2. User Account > Orders page

Do I Need An Account to Place an Order?

Yes, you may create a simple account at the Checkout form, there will be an Account section with Email and Password fields. Else, you may sign up at here.

How Do I Pay My Order?

There will be a row "Seller Bank Account Details" for each individual order page. For the order that had more than 1 seller, you can see the Sub Order List with Bank Account details for each row.

How Can I Return or Request Refund a Product?

Please contact the seller through his/her email or phone or WhatsApp at the Seller shop page. Thank you.
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