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Our mission is to help those who need help, seek for more opportunities, earn a living to feed their family and children.

A simple idea to connect Sellers, Shippers, and Shoppers where we are hoping to create a better eCommerce for our future.


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Discover ePasar's Journey

ePasar Journey #1
18 Mar 2020
Malaysia has started MCO (Movement Control Order) or lockdown during Covid-19 pandemic.
ePasar Journey #2
26 Mar 2020
When my wife and me sat around and chitchat that night, and that's the time when the idea of ePasar.co was born. Bought the domain right after.
ePasar.co Journey #3
7 May 2020
Soft launch of ePasar.co
ePasar.co Journey #4
20 May 2020
Gets launched as online market and start the journey of promoting ePasar.co to those who need.
ePasar Journey Now
May 2020
Now on every one of us in making the changes. We definitely can do this if we stay, act and work together as a human race during this hard time and watch each other six.
ePasar Journey Future
June 2020 onwards
Join or support us if you are on the same mission and hope to see you there soon, cheers!

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